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Stronger Erections Quickly - Natural Herbs Proven to Quickly Boost Your Libido By Kelly Price

If you want to boost your sex drive and last longer in bed you can do so with some powerful natural herbs which if taken in sufficient dosage can super charge your libido and do it safely and naturally...
Before we look at the herbs to increase libido lets look at some of the problems men have in getting strong erections and maintaining them.
- Low Energy Levels
Stress, fatigue and tiredness can kill your libido - you simply don't have enough energy for sex as your body devotes what energy it does have to other matters and sex is not considered important by the body, even you consider it to be!
- Low Nitric Oxide Levels
This is a chemical that determines whether you will get an erection in the first place let alone a stronger one! It is realized by the blood vessels and this allows them to swell and a rush of blood to enter the penis, creating an erection. This chemical declines with age and is absolutely vital to libido - You need enough of it.
- De completed Testosterone Levels
You simply need enough of it it's the main male sex hormone.
- Sluggish Circulation
For sex drive to be high you need to have your blood flowing strongly around the body and if you suffer from sluggish circulation, not only will your overall health suffer so to will your libido.
Now how do we correct the above conditions and supercharge libido?
We can take some natural herbs which have been proven and used for centuries, to combat low libido and achieve increased sex drive and stronger erections.
One of the best is Horny Goat Weed a great name and a great herb! It helps increase testosterone and nitric oxide, as well as increasing energy and decreasing stress.
Next the most famous Chinese herb Ginseng which is a great tonic herb and helps sex drive in several ways. Chemicals in Ginseng are thought to stimulate the production of hormones that stimulate cell growth and natural healing in the sex organs. It also promotes better blood circulation within the body as a whole and the genitals and finally, enhances mood and energy levels.
These two herbs are a great base now lets add another two not so well known but they have legendary status in China - Cnidium and Bombyx Mori.
Cnidium seeds contain several compounds which are important for optimum sexual health and these compounds include - coumarins, osthol, imperatorin, glucides and hepatoprotective sesquiterpenes. It works just like synthetic drugs to boost nitric oxide release and inhibit PDE-5. Cnidium also acts as to stimulate blood circulation around the body and to the genital areas.
Bombyx Mori is a particular strain of male silkworm moth, harvested at a particular time in it's life when it is full of concentrated nutrients. It has high concentrations of minerals, and Amino Acids, increasing energy, strength and sex drive.
Boost Your Libido
The above combination of herbs, will if taken in sufficient strength give you stronger erections for longer naturally by, increasing testosterone, nitric oxide realize, encourage stronger blood flow and lift overall sexual stamina.
So if your libido is a bit low and you want a boost and a stronger erection for longer try the above combination and you maybe glad you did.
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Kelly_Price Kelly_Price

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