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How to Balance Hormones Naturally - Balancing Hormones Without HRT By Carole Hopkins

Many men and women prefer to consider ways to balance hormones naturally without resorting to using synthetic HRT treatment. At around the time of the menopause and andropause, men and women experience similar unpleasant symptoms and these are caused by an imbalance in hormones.
In men, the hormone lacking is predominantly testosterone and in women, estrogen.
Both Men and Women May Experience Some of the Following Symptoms
* Night Sweats (men and women)
* Acne, allergies, dry skin conditions and lack of skin elasticity
* Depression, fatigue, memory loss and anxiety
* Lowered sex drive
* Urinary tract infections and/or incontinence
* Weight gain, bloating and water retention
* Osteoporosis
* Headaches and migraines
* Reduced muscle mass
* Diabetes
Men may also suffer from prostate problems and erection difficulties, whilst women may experience breast tenderness/lumpiness and facial hair.
One of the best ways to begin to balance hormones naturally is to take a critical look at your diet as this has been shown to have a considerable effect on overall health including hormonal balance.
The following principles form the basis of a good diet for life.
* Eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily
* Eat wholefoods such as wholegrains, lentils, beans, nuts and seeds-4 portions a day is recommended
* Avoid sugar and processed foods which contain a lot of sugar
* Eat oily fish a couple of times a week
* Avoid fatty foods-choose low fat versions of dairy foods when possible
* Flax, pumpkin and sesame seeds are good for hormone health
* Consider omega 3 and calcium supplements
* Avoid highly processed foods, such as bacon and reformed meats
In addition to diet, it has been shown that certain pollutants in the atmosphere can mimic estrogen and can be stored in the liver, unbalancing the natural hormones in your body. It is therefore worthwhile considering a liver detox. Exercise is also generally beneficial for health and can help with hormonal imbalances. For some men and women, simple changes like these can reduce symptoms significantly.
Given a choice, most people would prefer to use treatments which balance hormones naturally whenever possible-but only if they are at least as effective as the conventional alternatives. A well respected doctor who is also known as "The Hormone Helper" has put together a package to help both men and women rebalance hormones naturally during the male and female menopause.
Many men and women are claiming exceptional results within a very short time of beginning the treatment. Best of all, this system to treat andropause symptoms is com completely risk-free and works to enhance good health with no risks or side effects.
If you would like to see how this could work for you, check it out squidoo rebalance-hormone-imbalancehere.
The full package consists of 6 audios of a minimum of 45 minutes each plus a study guide and a comprehensive book which you can get as an immediate bonus download.
If you are considering hormone replacement therapy, it makes com complete sense to give this healthy alternative which will balance hormones naturally a try first. If it doesn't work for you, you get your money back-no questions asked.
squidoo rebalance-hormone-imbalanceRebalance Hormones Naturally
Carole_Hopkins Carole_Hopkins

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