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Bondage ( BDSM)

Bondage ( BDSM)

To get the joy of sex saxleatherbondage is one of the most popular way. People are now being aware and accepting the culture of bondage. We can say bondage is a sexual practice and not always.Depending upon the techniques the bondage are classified. For example some saxleather/?page=home&subrange=bondage%20extrasbondage (BDSM) make use of bondage hooks, some of them uses bondage leather belts, collar, clock rings etc. Some bondage belts are wide, sporting kidney belts with D rings. These belts are very comfortable to use and consist of leather and it helps to spread the even pressure over the skin. Sizing charts are easily available in the market for such saxleather BDSM equipments. Bondage hooks are available in different varieties like nose hook. Vampire gloves are full of tacks that create an amazing sensation over the part of your body that is being touched.Vampire gloves will not puncture the skin, unless used out of context (slapping, grabbing, excessive force, etc.). The gloves are made from lambskin and with a button snap at the wrist. The bondage ribbon can be used in any number of ways to make your next bondage experience easy, fun and pleasurable.The bondage ribbon has a self stick quality which means you won't need to learn any intricate knots. It is excellent for gagging, binding, blindfolding, and mummification. The bondage strap is a necessity for your next bondage experience. Strong, durable, easy to use and can be used in conjunction with padlocks.The smaller D ring is passed through the larger D ring to form a self tightening strap. Loop the saxleatherBondage straps around bars or any dungeon equipment, attach your slave and abuse! Leather Gauntlets made from soft cow hide lined and eyeleted, they look great with a leather gladiator kilt. Often used to harden and maintain erections, cock toys can also be a simple and cheap way of introducing toys into your lovelife. First discovered in the Orient, cock rings have been used to prolong erections and control ejaculation for centuries. They're tested and proven to work in almost any case. To top off the benefits of ejaculatory control, you also will have more powerful, longer lasting orgasms. Adjustable lassos and rings have been used by men for centuries to delay ejaculation and prolong erections. A ring of velcro, rubber or plastic is tightened around the base of the penis or the scrotum to clamp down on the tube through which semen travels during ejaculation. Though they can delay ejaculation, cock rings do not desensitize the experience (ie. it still feels good). Many models feature a quick release mechanism to facilitate orgasm at just the right time. saxleather/?page=home&subrange=bondage%20extrasBDSM (bondage) can also use solid rings. Solid rings may be made of metal or plastic. Their purpose and application is the same as an adjustable ring, but they do not have the quick release feature. Many male strippers use solid rings, both for their looks and to keep themselves "hard" during their entire shift. There is a trick to putting cock rings on, and taking them off. Here's how it works: 1. Pull the scrotal skin through the ring. 2. Follow this by popping the balls through. 3. Now bend the penis down and pull it through the ring. You'll find that following these steps will make getting the ring on much easier. To take it off, simply reverse the steps, pushing the cock back through the ring first, followed by the balls and finally the scrotal skin.
The Sax online sex shop sells the very best quality adult sex toys and saxleatherBDSM bondage equipment. saxleatherSax Leather has been supplying boys & girls in the leather scene for over 20 years. saxleatherSax Leather has been active in the leather life style.We have been members of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and Leather Pridea since the early eighties.

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