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Party Game Ideas for Teens and Young Adults

Party Game Ideas for Teens and Young Adults

Producing fun and interesting clownsunlimited view_category /1/116party game ideas for teens and young adults can be challenging. Party games are an important part of the party planning process. They can make or break any get together. Developing a few great party game ideas begins with a little imagination. Party Game Ideas for Teens and Young Adults Most teenagers have three top priorities in life: food, music, and the opposite sex. Incorporating these three elements into your party game ideas increases your chances of success. Food You can have your teen party guests create their own food. Mini pizzas are very popular and usually one teenager will be adventurous enough to try abination of anchovies and pineapple, or some equally unusual taste creation. Provide a large array of toppings and plenty of chips and finger foods to munch on during the creation process. Be sure to include a few organic items and veggies for party guests with special diet considerations. You can hold a contest for the best tasting creation, the worstbination of toppings, and the most slices eaten. One party game idea is to hold a mock blind taste test. Provide cups of different popular sodas, blindfold the participants and see who can guess each soda correctly. Another twist on this party game idea is to provide cups of different foods, such as cooked noodles, jelly beans, powdered sugar, oatmeal, and pumpkin pie for blindfolded guests to explore with their hands in order toe up with the correct name for each item. Music Choose a few top ten songs andpile a list of popular music groups. Create a word search containing the names of the music groups and scramble the lyrics of the songs. The person who gets the most lyrics unscrambled correctly wins a special prize such as food or a music gift card. You can also adapt children's games to fit younger teens, such as substituting an iPod for a potato in Hot Potato. You can play pin the bling on the rapper, or even musical chairs where kids scramble for a pillow when the "old people" music plays instead of when the music stops. The Opposite Sex A classic party game idea for teens and young adults that relates to the opposite sex is spin the bottle. While most parents do not relish the idea of their teen locking lips with party guests, you can easily adapt this game. Instead of kissing the person the bottle points to, participants get to ask one "ice breaker" question that the other party must answer honestly. To keep this game from flopping, you may need to provide ideas for questions on index cards for shy guests. You can also pair party guests off into groups of two, armed with a standard list of questions. Allow each pair to talk for 20 seconds and then guests must switch partners to ask the same questions. After each person has paired with each guest of the opposite sex, ask guests what color eyes the guest of honor has, what color shirt he or she is wearing, and what their middle name is. Have the guest of honor leave the room before asking, of course. Keep the topics relevant to what your guests are interested in and forgo any games that are not age appropriate. Selecting party game ideas for teens and young adults that are enjoyable is easy with a little imagination, creativity and fun.
Marty Party writes for clowns Unlimited about party planning, clownsunlimited services party clowns and entertainers. Marty has over 25 years experience providing families with party and event planning and entertainment. Offering a full range of party games, clown performance & party entertainment.

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