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The Connection Between Birth Control and Female Libido By Regina Boswell

The birth control pill has been a fantastic invention ever since it was brought on the market, but by the same token there are some problems with this fantastic invention. While the birth control pill is famous for being able to prevent pregnancy with a very high success rate, there has also been a link created over time and with additional study that has connected taking the birth control pill to a lower interest in sexual intercourse.
The birth control pill in very basic terms works by suppressing ovulation. Ovulation is the natural process that a woman goes through every month, the end result of which is the release of an egg to be fertilized and then implanted if all goes well. This is done through the suppression of certain hormones and the administering of artificial hormones to replace them and while this does have the effect of helping to prevent the release of the egg and the subsequent implantation of the zygote that eventually leads to pregnancy, it also appears that those hormones that are affected control a lot of sexual interest in the woman as well.
For this reason, it has been found that the birth control pill has been linked to a decrease in libido, a decrease in enjoyment of sex and a decrease of the natural lubrication a woman's vagina creates during the sexual experience. When added to other potential side effects such as the gaining of weight, the retaining of water and full fledged depression, it is relatively easy to see how the birth control pill could indeed result in a major loss of sex drive for a woman that is particularly prone to those side effects.
If you are having problems with your sex drive and your libido, it is quite possible that those problems are connected to your current birth control pill regimen. The first thing you should do is discuss the situation with your doctor. There are alternatives to the basic birth control pill and your doctor may be able to prescribe something that has the same effects on birth control, but affects you less in terms of lower sex drive.
You may want to consider a natural female sex enhancement to increase your libido. What makes these enhancements convenient is that most are offered over the counter, requiring no prescriptions, and are also available in a variety of applications such as pill, gels, and creams.
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