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Being a Girl - The Life of a Girl Gamer By Kim Poole

The battle of the sexes has gotten fiercer online. In the world of MMO's (Massively Multiplayer Online), girls are taking the front seat as much as boys and they've turned out to be made of the same stuff in terms of performance. The debate on who rules the gaming world is probably over, but the questions have not exactly died. Now we're asking, why do girl gamers still have to prove themselves just to be taken seriously?
In the world of MMO's, guys are traditionally the more convenient recipients of recognition. After all, it's supposed to be a guy's world. Girls have been gaming but were always less intense and subtler in their choice of games. This hasn't changed much to this day, but it has become a pretty incom complete picture. Now, girls go for hardcore MMO's as much as guys do and they've become as proactive as well. Girls even create and design games these days, that's why it's crazy to stick to that old notion of inferiority for gamers of this sex.
But then, it's surprising why many websites are devoted to female gamers yet there remains a shortage of girls who play MMO's. This fact says a lot about society's double standards when it comes to gender issues. Obviously, these games are marketed with an invisible banner claiming that MMO's are men's territory when, in fact, women own a significant part of it. Men are targeted for these marketing efforts because this is a proven way of getting a good response. If women were to be considered, there would have to be some very big changes in the marketing strategy. The prospect alone of making these changes seems to be so complicated that most game developers are simply not interested. This is the same reason why they stick to that comfort zone of marketing online games for men because it's "safer" that way. Unfortunately, this only makes things worse for the girls.
There could be many reasons for the shortage of girl gamers. Or then again, it could be a matter of strategy for game developers who just might need to consider what will satisfy all gamers and not just boys. Instead of coming up with a whole new product, they could just look into what would get the girls more interested in those that are already in the market. And it doesn't help for these girls to realize that they've been somehow left out in the game development process.
Girls play for the exact reasons guys do and they sure put in as much work into their games. Developers will need to give girls a little more respect when creating varieties of their products by looking at the entire picture of the gaming market and not just focusing on the male angle.
When this happens, it probably won't matter being a girl in the girlsandgaming life of a girl gamer .
Kim_Poole Kim_Poole

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