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Sexual Benefits of Masturbating

By SexTails - Nov 9, 2008 - From sexuality. Sexuality Articles - Views - 4975 Exploration of sensual sensations and of the way the body responds to such stimuli starts early on in all human beings. By the time the teen years roll along, most people are familiar with the way their bodies are put together and know that their sex organs are very sensitive to the touch and not in an unpleasant way.
Children also know that playing with them feels good, despite the attempts of adults to discourage these activities. It doesn’t really matter how adults handle this and how many taboos they might invoke, people are naturally curious about everything and this one big mystery is high on the list of priorities. The fact that many adults refuse to discuss the issue about it just makes everything more interesting.
And all exploration starts with touching and continues with masturbation. For most children, this is the gate to sex and the beginning of the path to the huge world of sex and pleasure. And it’s a good thing this comes early in a person’s life. Although masturbation and lack of knowledge about the physical side of the opposite sex are not the best way to prepare for intercourse, knowing oneself is still better than ignorance.
In the Victorian age, a certain English poet abstained from all manner of sex in order to be a virgin when he finally married at the age of 28. At the end of the wedding night he was extremely disappointed to find what intercourse actually was. He had hoped for something far grander, especially since he wrote love poems. However, his view of passion was com completely unrealistic and led to a crushing disappointment.
Masturbation helps people learn what they really like when the clothes fall off and also what they would like other people to do to them. Knowing more about the pleasure they experience makes people more likely to understand the pleasure of others and to want to explore new ways of getting more of it for themselves and for their partners.
Communication of what we want and what we need is one of the most important parts of a successful sex life, since guessing is not a good option. And imagine what an amazing surprise it is to find that your partner is also interested in masturbation and not in the least shy to share this intimate act with you. Mutual masturbation can be a very tender act between two people who really know how to give and take pleasure.
It is worth noting that masturbation is a good option during those times when intercourse is not easy to come by. If you don’t feel bound by moral, religious or other duties, then there’s no reason to avoid getting rid of your sexual tension by masturbating. You’ll certainly feel more relaxed afterwards and the others will profit from your improved mood as well. A satisfied person is a person less likely to quarrel and start conflicts in the office or at home.
Pleasure is only limited by your imagination and by the body’s physical limitations. Sex is one of the key areas of life where humans must keep improvising and coming up with new things in order to avoid trading pleasure for a routine that does no good to anybody. Therefore, men and women have to turn to their imagination in order to find new ways of making sex feel good. It might be a new position, acting out a fantasy or even closing your eyes and thinking about somebody else. Whatever it is, people have to let their minds and instincts take over if they want to feel that precious rush. This is why I have compiled a list of masturbation positions and techniques that you can try at home whenever you feel like it. The first one on the list aims to simulate the feeling of a tight vagina closing in around the penis. This technique requires you to lie on your side and grasp the penis with the right hand. Go with a full fisted grip, but make sure you grab your penis from the left and not from the right, as per the usual grip or a right- handed man. Then you twist your wrist in such a way that the thumb is pointing down instead of up. You might have to pull the penis to the side in order to achieve the correct grip, but don’t worry about it because the position is perfectly natural. Now com complete the movement and lay face-down on the bed with the penis in your hand. Start thrusting using your pelvis and hips, while keeping your hand very still. A very different technique, suited mostly for those who are eager to play with themselves for a good long time in order to achieve a strong orgasm the slow way is to stimulate only the tip of the penis. Spread lubricant on one of your palms and start rubbing the tip of the penis against it. You should try to change the speed of rubbing every now and then in order to experience the all the sensations this technique has to offer. Those who like do the whole thrusting thing should also try a nice technique whose purpose is to create the unique feeling of sliding into a vagina that does not end. It may sound strange, but this is one very good position. So grab your penis in a full-fisted grip and push the tip upward through the fingers. When the tip of the penis is about to burst through, place your left hand on top of the right hand in order to form a continuous tunnel. Then repeat the movement by removing your right hand from the base of the penis and placing it on top of the left hand. Keep the penis surrounded by your fingers at all times and you are in the never-ending vagina. Alternatively, you could try a powerful milking technique to get yourself a true rush. Lubricate your hands and make a ring around the base of the penis using the thumb and middle finger of one hand. Move the ring all the way up to the tip of the penis. Just as you reach the tip, form a similar ring at the base of the penis with the other hand. Milk your penis for all it’s worth. Men who use this technique claim to experience amazing erections and orgasms. For more solitary thrills you may want to try a really special technique. It goes like this: hold the base of the penis firmly in one hand. Place the other hand on the shaft and move upward in a spiral-like movement. You should give extra attention to the tip of the glans and caress it in order to squeeze as much pleasure as possible from this technique. When you feel you are about to reach climax, move both hands just underneath the tip and use them in powerful circular motions in order to get yourself over the edge. Add a delicate touch to your self-pleasure session with one of the most gentle techniques around. Gather the loose part of the foreskin located just below the tip of the penis and rub it gently with your fingers. What you want to do is to rub your fingers together through the skin. The sensation is very pleasing and relaxing and the orgasm is a slow, but powerful rush.
More masturbation techniquesNot getting enough of new positions, variations and techniques? Well, you can rest assured because we’ve found another couple of techniques for you to try out. Playful exploration is one of the best parts of sex and we’re doing our best to keep you happy. So, here are the new techniques that you can try when nobody’s around. Many men enjoy the feeling of something cold placed against the hot skin of the penis. Since sticking the penis in a fridge is impractical, we recommend the use of ice cubes or crushed ice to increase the strength of orgasms. Here’s how it works. Masturbate the way you usually do using your preferred technique and keep a few ice cubes or a bag of crushed ice handy. When you feel the climax building pick up the ice cubes and place them against your testicles or rub them over your penis, if you can manage that without getting in the way. Trust us, the feeling is quite unique. The first one is a bit tricky to pull off. Lie on your back with your erect penis straight up in the air. Wrap the fingers of one hand around the base of the penis and start stroking yourself with a quick, circular motion. Make sure the strokes are always short. The stroking speed must vary in order to get the glans to jerk around in a circular motion, the reverse of that of your hand. Be careful: ejaculation can be very messy due to sperm flying all over the place.Or you could try a technique devised by people with lots and lots of time on their hands, the connoisseurs of the masturbation world. The basic idea is to bring yourself to a good, strong orgasm by tapping gently on the glans, through the underwear. The orgasm will be slow coming, but the sensation is bound to be much stronger than usual. If you enjoy masturbating in the bath and using hot water then you simply have to try the steam bath. Get naked and into the bathroom and turn on the hot water tap. Let the water flow for a couple of minutes in order to turn the room into a regular sauna. When everything in the bathroom is hot and steamy, get into the tub (mind the hot water!) and start masturbating, using the heat and steam as lubricant. The sensation is quite unique and very pleasant. A good way to heighten orgasm is to put a little pressure on your testicles. During masturbation, reach down and start caressing and squeezing your testicles. Make sure you don’t press too hard on them, even though it may seem to you that you can stand it. During the orgasm, you will feel the semen moving up from the testicles as the scrotum contracts. the experience will certainly be an intense one.
Health benefits of masturbatingMasturbation has long been seen as a sexual practice indulged in only by degenerates or people who are too weak morally to find a partner. Some people are even proud of their decision not to resort to masturbation even though they haven’t had sex in a long while. But most people have no idea that this solitary sexual practice is surprisingly beneficial for men and women alike. There is no question that people denied other types of sexual relief are perfectly willing to engage in masturbation just to get rid of the tension. But there are more benefits to be had from masturbation. It sometimes happens that two persons who may be otherwise perfectly matched in interests and lifestyle preferences may prove to have very different views on sex. Such is life. One of the partners may want and expect a lot of sex, while the other likes sex, but is not overly concerned with this activity. I such cases, masturbation may be used to satisfy the bigger need without making the less eager partner uncom comfortable. This helps to maintain balance within the relationship and unite couples who are open-minded enough to acknowledge and respect their differences. A lot of experts on psychological issues agree that masturbation is a good way of relieving depression by allowing the individual to reach a higher sense of self-worth through successful masturbation. A good orgasm is one of the best ways to lift somebody’s spirits and make that person feel once more the zest for life that lies in all of us. Sex also tends to drive out negative thoughts, if only for a while. In the end, whatever arguments some people can raise have against masturbation, it far is better to engage in this practice than to allow depression to set in.Moreover, it is quite clear that frequent masturbation teaches a person to understand his or her own sexual responses and is a very good way of exploring one’s sexuality. Every bit of experience helps later on and masturbation can be a very good teacher to the young and shy people who are nervous about sex, which is one of the most intimate acts two people can perform together. Masturbation is perfectly safe at all ages and, unlike sex, it does not carry the risk of unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections. A recent study you may have heard about has also suggested that frequent masturbation in men may help decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer. While this is not 100 percent certain, there’s a good chance it may prove to be true. Of course, nobody recommends masturbating in order to prevent cancer, but men who engage in this practice frequently should not feel as if they’re doing something wrong because, it turns out, this activity may even help them in their old age. So, as you can see, there are good things to say about masturbation and even some benefits to be had.
Common myths about masturbating Since the earliest days of mankind on this plant, every little thing that people failed to understand or whose origins they could not comprehend was surrounded by a mass of myths and rumors. It’s pretty clear that people who don’t understand something won’t stop talking about it and speculating on its purpose. The more mysterious something is, the more people like to state their opinions, which take the form of myths. Naturally, sex has not been spared the overwhelming curiosity of uninformed people. The layer of myths, rumors and jokes surrounding sex is absolutely huge. Just like any other sexual practice, masturbation has been the choice target of many myths which have survived even in an age when people should know better. It’s surprising to see that even some people who acknowledge masturbation and accept it as an inevitable part of the development of any human being claim that this practice is only for kids. This is plain wrong. Masturbation is performed by many people of all ages and for various reasons. Men and women who have been married for years still masturbate when they feel like it. Another widespread myth is the idea that masturbation is something performed only by lonely, desperate people who can’t find a partner or by perverted individuals. Not true! More than 90 percent of all males and at least half of all women masturbate. About 98 percent of all people polled by studies admitted to having masturbated at least once in their lives. Masturbation is a perfectly natural thing and people should not be ashamed to admit to it. Reality disproves the idea that masturbation is a practice suited only for the losers of the big “Find a Partner” contest. Other people think that only men masturbate. Once again we’re dealing with a myth! Women like sex just as much as men and have no moral or physical reasons to refrain from masturbation. While it’s true that women who are engaged in long term relations tend to masturbate less frequent, most of them still do that on occasion. The myth that women don’t do it is right next door to “only homosexuals masturbate”. This is absolutely ridiculous. Since almost every boy and most girls discover sex through masturbation between the ages of 10 and 13, this would mean that nearly everyone is a homosexual. Another silly idea designed to frighten young people is the myth that masturbating causes the penis to stop growing. There’s absolutely no relation between penis size and masturbation and millions of men can testify to this. And, no, masturbation does not shrink the testicles either. This is yet another “bright” idea some people spread around. Who comes up with these things anyway?Then we have the strange variety of myths according to which masturbation can bring about physical changes to the body. We all know that these myths are mostly used to scare teen-agers, but people have believed in them and some might still do. For instance some people believe that masturbation can cause hair to grow on a person’s hands. No doubt, this is a story designed to scare people and enforce abstinence. It’s pretty useless to point out that there hasn’t been a single case of abnormal hair growth caused by masturbation. And there are more such fantastic claims. Masturbation is said to cause bad eyesight, hair loss, fatigue and nervous illnesses. Who would have thought? Or and even brighter idea: frequent masturbation makes men run out of semen. There’s no such thing as running out of semen. Even at the age of 90 a man’s testicles are still producing semen and viable spermatozoids. It’s true that at such an age men are no longer able to use that semen, but the point is that it’s still being produced despite a lifetime of intercourse and masturbation. And have you ever heard some people claiming that masturbation causes sexually transmitted diseases. This one is really strange. How can you give yourself a disease?
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