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Songs About Cars

Songs About Cars

There is nothing like driving down the highway with the windows wide open or the top down as the music is just blaring away. When one of your favorite songses on, you tend to press down on that pedal just a little bit more and if it happens to be a song about the car that you are actually driving, it is pretty much over. You just pray that you don't hit a radar gun because short of getting stopped by the cops, there is no chance of stopping you as you fly down the highway and act like a rock star! Mustang Sally has long been a theme song for muscle cars. Pickett sings this song about as hard as you can imagine and the dark sultriness of it make it an ideal accompaniment to road and speed. Not sure if you know this or not, but the song itself was actually a cover of an originally recorded version by a former band mate of Picketts. It doesn't matter to me though, his version will always be the one that adds a couple of extra rpm's to the gauge when I am roaring down the highway. Song writers will often use cars as a way of describing sex or their role in sex. I can think of a dozen songs off the top of my head that I did not quite get when I was growing up and maybe didn't even particularly like, but everything changes with age. After hearing some of these songs during my later years, they put a little smile on my face as suddenly, I got what they were talking about. Pink Cadillac is exactly that type of song, when Springsteen is talking the features of his Pink Cadillac, I assure you, this is not automobile that he is referring to. Another song that I quickly think about is by none other than The Beatles. Drive My Car seems all nice and innocent on the cover, but all you have to do is dig a little deeper and you may never let your children listen to this song again. The Beatles were known for hidden meanings and this song is no different. "Baby you can drive my car, yes I'm gonna be a star and maybe I'll love you, " classic stuff that goes a little deeper than just turning the keys over to your girl! When you put cars and women together in songs, it seems as though you are writing your ticket to stardom. Mustang Sally was a song that to this day is associated with Wilson Pickett. Bruce Springsteen struts his stuff with Pink Cadillac and even The Beatles get a little dirty with Ride my Car. However, I don't think any of them are as up front about the association of the car as something other than a means of transportation as Pontiac Blues. The line that makes this a classic describes that his girl likes "whole love of loving, and a straight-eight Pontiac." Something tells me that he is not really referring to his car on this one! trianglerentacar robin-williams-weapons-of-self-destruction-comedy-tour Robin Williams Durham trianglerentacar robin-williams-weapons-of-self-destruction-comedy-tour Robin Williamsedy

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