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Dating, What's the Point? My Solution For Oldsters By Debra Blankenship

I'm not even sure how to start! Dating is something I have had to deal with practically my whole life. I have raised my four children alone. Tried to juggle home-life and a social life as well as run errands, pay the bills and other activities of daily living. Needless to say this has created a lot of stress in my life and I have found that as I MATURE things become more complicated.
For one thing I have found that people no longer DATE. They ...well, hmmm... they...just sleep together! Now back when I was young, that just didn't happen. We had too much self respect, and besides our dads would ground us for life if he ever found out! I am not judging each their own I say. But to me all that sleeping together causes it's own set of problems. Will he call? Did she enjoy it? Will we see each other again? What do they think of me now? And on the flip side, What am I going to do if they do call? I don't want to see them again, it was horrible! Oh my God! I can't believe I woke up with that! I swear I will never drink that much again!
Following one stressful, heartbreaking experience I wrote this poem. I am sure a lot of you can relate and I hope you enjoy it!
The Forever in ME.
Remember when love was in? Now to most people it's a sin. The appearance caught the eye, drawing you close to take the time, to talk and share things of life whether it be joy or daily strife.
Romance was the way it should be; wine and candlelight, taking time to see; if that special feeling warm and bright, was there to take you through the night and on into the coming years. Knowing there would be times of tears, times of laughter and times of stress; the test of time was always the best.
Now love it seems is in the past. Things moving way too fast. Eyes meet across a crowded room, a few drinks and your fate is doom. To fall in bed with someone unknown for a time of lust spent alone.
And when you start the brand new day everyone goes their separate ways. To never spare one thought again for someone who might have been a friend. It seems a very sad thing indeed to waste all the love from within me, On one night of wanton sex and then move on to the next. Forever being a long time alone, as far as love, there' s no one home. Please don't let this be your fate, stop and think when you make a date. Is one night what is meant to be? Or and eternity together, you and me?
Yeah I guess it's kind of corny but it says just how I feel! Why spread myself so thin, why subject myself to this kind of heartache? The trend nowadays is to bed hop and I think it cheapens our relationships as well as lowers our self esteem. Why do we do this? Are we so afraid that there is another out their that is better so we don't want to take the time to get to know the one we are with?
My answer to this is and emphatic NO! I believe we toss people aside much too quickly because we want results NOW! GOOD things come to those who wait. Take some time to smell the roses together along the way. Don't accept less than what you desire in another just to have a partner. That type of relationship never lasts. Decide what you desire and then LOOK for that in another. Weigh the good and the bad, if there is more good...then this is worth a shot. No one is perfect, but don't short change yourself either. Remember, us oldsters have to have someone who isn't going to faint at the sight when the lights are turned on! So you better choose someone you have more than sex in common with!
If you have enjoyed what you have read today please visit my web site, and HAPPY DATING!
Debra Blankenship placeofdreamz.blogspot placeofdreamz.blogspot
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