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Things to Say When Talking Dirty By Denise Bergeron

When you think of dirty talk, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the clichés - the porn movies that make you blush, the dirty books that make you giggle, and the phone sex operators that whisper naughty words into an anonymous ear.
But that's not all there is! Dirty talk can be brought into your own bedroom and can become a fantastic experience for both you and your lover. It can enhance your sex drive, open up new doors to pleasure, and make you both feel much more com comfortable in your sensuality - and in your relationship.
If you're just getting started in the dirty talk game, this handy lesson will make things easier!
You won't be com comfortable with talking dirty until you've practiced it. You want the words to flow easily, and for one comment to open the gates to another, and another. The best way to do that is to get com comfortable with the sound of those words coming out of your mouth.
Talk dirty to yourself! If you're the shy kind, look into the mirror while you say those naughty things you've learned so far. If you're more adventurous, get out your vibrator and masturbate while you talk dirty to yourself. Which things make you blush? Which ones turn you on? How creative can you get?
When you first start talking dirty, the words might sound forced or stilted. Don't worry about that. As with anything else, practice makes perfect! Keep working at saying those things - especially if they are the things that make you blush! - until you can purr those naughty words like the most experienced sex kitten.
Want more information on how to dirtytalkingguide Talk Dirty? Then head on over to dirtytalkingguide DirtyTalkingGuide for more dirty talk examples and 7 FREE DIRTY LESSONS
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