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Sexual Techniques Article

Four Easy First Time Orgasm Techniques - Help Her Have Her First Orgasm With These Simple Tips By Megan Zoile

In this article we are going to look at 4 really easy ways you can help YOUR girl have her very first orgasm. If you know anything about women and sex, you'll certainly recognize the HUGE importance that we place on having on orgasm. Of course that is important, because men RARELY think OUR satisfaction is as important as theirs. But if you are one of the men who enjoys the thought of giving a girl her first orgasm, in my experience, these simple top tips will help you on your way! Read on.
Tip#1: Learn the Landscape
It's important to understand HOW a woman's body works to truly help her have an orgasm. If you don't - you can either ASK her, or, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you want to simply read up on the OUR bodies! (and I'm not talking about Playboy here, either. If you know what works in which way, you are FAR more likely to show it between the sheets.
Tip#2: Embrace the Adventure
One of the reasons many women NEVER orgasm is because sex just isn't exciting. Most women are FAR more erotically adventurous than men, and if you are willing (and able) to show her you you aren't the same old simple routine, her BODY is much more likely to come along for the ride. This is especially important for women who NEVER have had an orgasm before during routine intimate encounters.
Tips#3: Establish an Erotic Emotional Bond
For her FIRST orgasm ( as well as HOPEFULLY all of the ones thereafter!) you are going to want to show her you CARE about her intimate enjoyment. I always recommend to my male readers that they talk to their women during sex...and NOWHERE is this more powerful than before her very first orgasmic experience. Remember, women are MUCH more emphatic during sex, which means we "feel" words more deeply than our male counterparts. Very easy way to turn her on beyond belief!
Tip #4: Patience is a Virtue
Her first orgasm is most likely NOT going to happen in a fire storm of spontaneity. Most likely, you are going to have to take your time and be patient as the orgasmic anticipation intensifies...and she goes through the various states and stages that go with it. Without any question, one of the BIGGEST reasons most women do not have regular orgasms during sex is a simple function to time. As in - not enough. The slower you are, ESPECIALLY for her very first time...the LARGER the rewards are going to be!
And do NOT want to be one of the MILLIONS of men whose woman is secretly sexually dissatisfied with her lover. Research has proven repeatedly that with so many girlfriends, wives and lovers fantasizing about being with a MAN who DOES know how to satisfy her, divorce and relationship dissatisfaction continues to rise at unprecedented levels.
Master the magical art of justformenmagazine making her quiver with delight... and you will NEVER have to worry about her even THINKING about another man... that much I know for sure..:-)
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Megan_Zoile Megan_Zoile

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