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Is It A Bad Idea For Young Girls To Ride ATVs? By Tony Mikael

Have you taken notice of the fact that there is an increasing number of women ATV riders today as compared to many years back? I remember a time when ATV riding and dirt biking was a men's thing - at best, a boy's thing. In the modern world today, this is no longer true. Coupled with the fact that ATVs are getting increasingly popular because of availability of reliable and affordable ATVs for kids in the market, I think this sport will become really big in the future.
Not only is there a big jump in the number of women in support of the sport, there are more young girls too. But with this said, I feel the need to mention that some parents oppose their kids' interest in quad riding. Safety is one thing but some parents cite that they are worried that their kids will become tomboyish in the process, on account of the fact that there are more men and boys in the game than girls and women. I don't think gender comes into play in terms of quad long as the child rides an ATV suitable for her age and capability and supervised by a responsible adult, it should be perfectly fine. Becoming a tomboy is an issue of personality, not choice of sport! In fact, it is a proven fact that when a child takes up a sport that has more males and females, the child tend to have a wider range of emotions and is able to interact better with the opposite sex in the future.
If you child expresses an interest in ATV riding, the first thing you have to do is to enroll her for riding lessons! Expose her to the potential danger of the sport and educate her about basic rules. With a strong foundation, the child will have improved motor skills and health. In fact, if you look at it carefully, quad riding for girls will teach the girls how to be more responsible and disciplined.
So, if you have a child who is keen on taking up this manly recreational sport, encourage her and let her try the sport out. Don't worry, it won't make a man out of her.
Tony Mikael is an ATV enthusiast enthusiastically promoting ATV riding as a sport and family activity! When he's not off on one of his impromptu ATV expeditions, he runs one of the hottest and fastest-growing ATV sites right now... atv4kids atv4kids
Tony_Mikael Tony_Mikael

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