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Kama Sutra - the Manual For Yesterday Still Teaches Us Today By Steve Hill

In the days of ancient India, sex was as natural a part of life as walking. Learning about sex was passed down from mother to daughter, from father to son, and from teacher to student. Today, however, sex is taboo compared to days gone by. I don't think too many people really know what happened to sex being an important part of life, it just happened and we accept now that sex is to be kept quiet, not discussed with each other, let alone outside the bedroom.
This is unfortunate because too many people today really want to know how to have a great sexual relationship, they just don't know how or who to ask. If this is the case for you, then you are in luck. In ancient India one man decided to write it all down into a text called the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra not only teaches us how to have sex, but how to truly enjoy it. It teaches us about relationships and how to be a truly equal partner with the one you love. It even tells us how to stay in love.
Kama Sutra tells us about not only sexual pleasures, but also about sensory pleasures. The text describes how a woman should bathe and smell before having a sexual encounter. It tells us how a man should look at and touch a woman to excite her and make her want him. It even tells us about the sounds we should make while having sex. There is no single teaching apparatus with more information about how to be a sexual being that comes close to Kama Sutra.
Kama Sutra teaches us how to unite with our lovers, on a spiritual level. The sexual level comes only after we are united spiritually. It teaches us how to fall in love with the right person (although to do this the Kama Sutra way we have to also be the right fit, literally).
There are some teachings of Kama Sutra that are somewhat out of date and you can actually be arrested and jailed if you followed them. So stay away from the chapter that teaches you to become a courtesan (prostitute). If you are with a new lover, you might also want to avoid the part where you are told to bite, scratch and hit your lover. But these are still interesting to read about.
If you are embarrassed about sex or just don't know what to do beyond the one or two obvious positions (he's on top vs. she's on top), pick up a copy of Kama Sutra. There's even an illustrated version that you both can enjoy.
Steve Hill is a webmaster from Birmingham, he has interests in a number of websites including:
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