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Lingerie - Will You Love it Or Leave It? By Heather Ponicsan

Lingerie can be worn for two purposes: 1) Lingerie can be specially designed for a function, such as the camisole which is worn under sheer garments, or the bustier which many women wear under their wedding dress. 2) Lingerie can also be worn for show or sex appeal; this includes garments such as the sheer babydoll, lace bra and panty sets, etc.
Selecting the right lingerie must be done with care as believe it or not, it will help define your overall look. Choosing the right color and style will help you look slimmer and sexier. You should never choose to buy a pair of cheap underwear thinking that no one will see them anyway. Just knowing that you are wearing quality lingerie will up your confidence, making you feel good about yourself.
Choosing the right style of panties will depend on the type of clothes that you wear. In the event that you are wearing form fitting skirts or tight fitting dresses, you will want to wear thongs or g-strings to ensure that there are no visible panty lines. If you are wearing jeans or a sun dress, then a boy short is a good option.
Wearing the wrong bra size will create bulges that are a depressing sight. If you are blessed with large breasts, wear a bra that gives you proper support and that doesn't let the breasts sag or hang. You should also take note that push up bras shouldn't be worn if your breasts are larger, as these types of bras were made for small and medium sized breasts to give them a push and make them look fuller.
As for selecting the right panty hose, the color is dependent on your natural skin color as well as the shape and the size of your legs. Panty hose can provide a slimming effect, especially if you are wearing a dark color such as black, as it will make your legs appear slimmer and shapelier. Neutral colors should be worn when you don't want your legs to be an attention grabber.
If you are interested in purchasing lingerie that is made for everyday use, a bustier is your best option. It is a strapless bra that goes down to your waist. The bustier is mostly made out of shiny materials, such as silk, and it can be worn with all types of clothing, even with jeans. A bustier has a slimming effect that provides you with a very sexy look!
Lingerie can be daring or modest, depending on your mood and desires. It is extremely important that you know your size and that you are aware of which styles and colors look best on you, so that you can find the perfect lingerie outfit and feel your sexiest!
Heather Ponicsan is a former fashion model and owner of BestLineLingerie, specializing in bestlinelingerie sexy-lingerie. erotic lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes at very reasonable prices. Check out why so many customers love shopping for bestlinelingerie lingerie at BestLineLingerie.
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