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No Sex and the City - More Real Dating Stories from New York City

No Sex and the City - More Real Dating Stories from New York City

This undoubtedly will go down as yet another year of "recycling" that I once again ended up "re-seeing" guys I dated from the previous year and in some cases previous five years that somehow fell off the face of the Earth to conveniently reappear in 2007 and disappear only to magically reappear again in 2008!?!?!....the model, the fireman, the other fireman, the dentist, the football player, the director, the real estate broker, the screenwriter, they would all resurface in some form or fashion...only to eventually disappear again. In between recycling, only had time for seven new guys, one of whom, was actually named Seven. He was a producer for reality T.V. shows like Daisy of Love and the Bachelor and unfortunately ended up being as dramatical as his shows. Then there was Devon, a personal trainer, whosepany, I quickly realized I did not enjoy unless under the influence of alcohol...and then there was Tad who under any and all circumstances was a super boring architect. There was Brad....33, 6'5", living at home with the 'rents in Nyack, working as a customer relations manager at Gristedes, balding (did I mention I've gotten open minded along the way), formerly fat guy (think biggest loser) turned hot...who ended up "breaking-up" with me via Myspace because "despite being totally attracted to me and thinking I was cool and fun in his 'heartest of hearts' he couldn't see us working out". Yet another example of the fact that I can't even get the guys I don't want. Then there was Matt. We initially met for drinks at 6:30pm, which quickly turned into dinner, and eventually transitioned to karaoke around 11pm. So I'm thinking things are going pretty well and we're definitely having fun. I invited a couple of friends to join us for karaoke and the next thing you know he asks if we can talk outside. Supposedly/allegedly his sister was having an operation in the morning and he felt super guilty being out and having fun and therefore needed to go home. Needless to say, I never heard from him again, although I'm willing to acknowledge maybe that was my bad for inviting people, more specifically guys out on our date ) : Finished the year off by keeping with my at least one firefighter a year mandate, I met a 21 year old from Denver who had just recently moved to the city. Despite the two initial red flags of "fireman" and "21" I decided to give him a chance...he was really sweet, claimed to be "mature" and was hot, not to mention from a super wealthy family. Long story short, it abruptly ended upon receiving a text message from him explaining that his ex-girlfriend from Denver!?!?!? had called him to say she quit her job, sold her car and bought a ticket to fly to NYC to be with him and that he was going to ask her to marry him, so we probably shouldn't see each other any more, unless I was cool with that!!??!?! Ending on that note, the year was looking pretty bleak until a recent last minute, dark horse entrant hit the scene. He was 6'8", and knowing you can't teach height that's always been a selling point for me. He was a former D1 college athlete, so we had that inmon, and he has a friend who votes on the Academy Awards selections, so he was able to get me all of the movies prior to them even hitting theaters which was kind of da' bomb hook-up and definitely grounds for keeping him around upon entering 2009. The down-side? He was a super-picky eater, like won't eat sushi, Thai, seafood, tapas, Indian or basically anything besides the basics...I've now identified this as a deal-breaker" that I have consequently added to my list. He was a "baby talker" which was not helping his cause and to top it off the sex was marathon style and not in a good way! There was also a rift when I declined on making a porn with him due to my, unbeknownst to him and probably many of you, future political aspirations. Needless to say that chapter will most likelye to a close upon the conclusion of the Academy Awards. And there you have it...NY's finest's to me finally getting it right in 2009. Amber Soletti, still single is now co-owner of two of NYC's hottest Singles Eventspanies, Single And The City and On Speed Dating. Single And The City and On Speed Dating cater to NY's "straight" & gay singles of all ages, backgrounds, interests and even fetishes. Register today to guarantee a spot at one of her many "cleverly themed" and super sexy singles parties and speed dating events. You can visit her sites at singleandthecity and onspeeddating to register for an upcoming singles event today.
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